A Famous Music Composer

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A Famous Music Composer

时间限制:1000 ms  |  内存限制:65535 KB
Mr. B is a famous music composer. One of his most famous work was his set of preludes. These 24 pieces span the 24 musical keys (there are musically distinct 12 scale notes, and each may use major or minor tonality). The 12 distinct scale notes are:
 A     A#=Bb  B        C       C#=Db D       D#=Eb  E       F        F#=Gb  G       G#=Ab
Five of the notes have two alternate names, as is indicated above with equals sign. Thus, there are 17 possible names of scale notes, but only 12 musically distinct notes. When using one of these as the keynote for a musical key, we can further distinguish between major and minor tonalities. This gives 34 possible keys, of which 24 are musically distinct.
In naming his preludes, Mr. B used all the keys except the following 10, which were named instead by their alternate names:
 Ab minor  A# major A# minor  C# major  Db minor
 D# major  D# minor Gb major  Gb minor  G# major 
Write a program that, given the name of a key, give an alternate name if it has one, or report the key name is unique.
Each test case is described by one line having the format "note tonality", where "note" is one of the 17 names for the scale notes given above, and "tonality" is either "major" or "minor" (quotes for clarify).
For each case output the required answer, following the format of the sample.
Ab minor
D# major
G minor
Case 1: G# minor
Case 2: Eb major
Case 3: UNIQUE

蛋疼的水题,if else比较字符串!还是直接复制别人的代码过来吧,某意思~~~~代码版权:by:Sevenmit,QQ:732792250
[cpp]#include <stdio.h>
#include <string.h>
int main()
char s1[10],s2[10];
int sign = 1;
while(scanf("%s%s",s1,s2) != EOF)
printf("Case %d: ",sign++);
if(!strcmp(s1,"A#")) printf("%s %s\n","Bb",s2);
else if(!strcmp(s1,"Bb")) printf("%s %s\n","A#",s2);
else if(!strcmp(s1,"C#")) printf("%s %s\n","Db",s2);
else if(!strcmp(s1,"Db")) printf("%s %s\n","C#",s2);
else if(!strcmp(s1,"D#")) printf("%s %s\n","Eb",s2);
else if(!strcmp(s1,"Eb")) printf("%s %s\n","D#",s2);
else if(!strcmp(s1,"F#")) printf("%s %s\n","Gb",s2);
else if(!strcmp(s1,"Gb")) printf("%s %s\n","F#",s2);
else if(!strcmp(s1,"G#")) printf("%s %s\n","Ab",s2);
else if(!strcmp(s1,"Ab")) printf("%s %s\n","G#",s2);
else printf("UNIQUE\n");


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